Vinyl Banner Printing

Cheap Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners are a cost effective solution for adverising outdoors and indoors in large areas. The majority of cheap vinyl banners are produced on large format printers that are able to print full color promotional banners on a single piece of substrate.

By far, the most commonly used substrate is PVC, or heavy weight vinyl material. Weights on PVC banner material range from 22 ounces to 8 ounces per square yard. Typically the heavier the material, the longer you can expect your banner to last. Larger banners are usually made from a material that is a mesh. This material allows the air to flow through so as not to cause too much drag on the equipment that holds your banner in place. There are various banner stands that can accomodate windy conditions as well.

Most printed vinyl banners will last from 3-5 years. The lifespan of your banner will depend on the material used to print on and the type of printer that placed the graphics on your banner.

Some banners may be produced by applying individual cut letters and graphics. These vinyl graphics are automatically cut from a sheet of colored self adhesive vinyl and then stuck onto the banner itself. If your custom vinyl banner job requires one or two color graphics, this may be the option for your banner project.

Vinyl banners are used for a variety of applications. We have seen banners for trade shows,table tops, the sides of buildings, stadium graphics, grand opneing banners, and sale banners. The colorful and flexible naturte of the PVC banner makes it an ideal medium for advertising your product or message.

If your next project requires a digitally printed banner, you need to look no further for a large format printer. We have you covered. When we say cheap banner printing, we are refering to price, not quality. Our high quality banners are second to none.

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