Unique Business Cards

Your image is a very important thing to consider when marketing your business. One of the first things your potential clients will see is your business card. Unique business cards are one way you can really stand out when you are trying to make an impression with your customers. The following are few different examples of cheap unique business card ideas.

Metal Business Cards - Everyone who sees these cards is blown away. The major detractor is there is no such thing as a cheap metal business card, they are pricey. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1 and $5 per card for these, depending on the type and quantity you order. While they may be expensive, they offer a wow factor that few others compare to. These can be made from copper, steel, titanium, or aluminum. They can be chemically etched, engraved, embossed, and tinted colors.  If leaving a great impression on your clients is important, you should consider ordering these types of cards.

Wood Business Cards -  Wooden business cards can really make an impression with your clients, especially if your business involves wood. These cards provide a truly unique way to represent your company and most are made using environmentally safe procedures. Aside from offering the unique tactile feel of natural wood, these cards also smell like wood. Researchers have found that a human remembers smells better than visual items, what a great way to leave an impression with your customers. These cards are usually printed on a wood veneer then laser etched to provide an awesome effect.

Die Cut Business Cards – Custom die cut business cards can take a normal paper card and make it a work of art. Die cutting is the process of using steel rules to cut a special shape out of the paper used. Some common shapes are rounded corners, circles, ovals, parrallelograms, and triangles. Circle business cards have gained popularity in the last few months due to the price of die cutting coming down. Aside from basic shapes, die cut business cards can be made into three dimensional shapes. These would be considered a form of origami business cards and are truly unique. Other options we have seen have been saw blades, pencils, boomerangs, and we have even produced a banana shaped business card.

Plastic Business Cards – These cards are durable and offer a great lasting impression to your prospects. Available in many thicknesses and color combinations, these are ideal for a business that requires a truly waterproof option for their calling cards. When ordering these cards we suggest making sure they have rounded corners as the edges of plastic can be really sharp if left at the typical 90 degree angle of your typical cards.

Cookie Business Cards – Business cards made from cookies are a relatively new product offering but we have received rave reviews from the people that order them. These are simply made from cookie dough and either engraved or frosted with your corporate details. The biggest issue with these cards is that your client may eat them, as they are after all made from a cookie.

CD Business Cards – These are a great option if you are a high tech company or have a large portfolio to share with your clients. These are business card sized mini data CD’s that are printed with your corporate information on the face and have whatever data you desire to share burned onto CD. The miniature CD’s can play in any computer with a standard CD / DVD drive. We are selling more of these every month.

These are just a few of the unique business card ideas that we offer here at Dealprint.com. If you are truly looking for a way to make an impression sometimes you just have to think outside the box. That is what makes your business card ideas truly unique.

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