Plastic Business Cards

Networking is an important aspect in any business because the more people you know, the more chance you have to land on a new business opportunity. That is why people keep handing out their business cards. Written on the business cards are usually your name, company, contact, specialty and even address – basic information that lets you tell everyone what they need to know in case they need to find you. A clever businessman always make sure that he carries his business cards with him at all times. The norm business cards are usually made out of paper but you can also get plastic business cards for yourself.

There are more things that you can do on a plastic business card than on a paper business card. You limit yourself when you use paper as the base material. Make it too thin and it won’t last long and you can only print things on it. At most you can ask them to hard press the printing so the letters appear to be 3D. However if you use plastic, you can order 3D plastic business cards straight away. Your clients will look at your card and the whole image can appear as 3D.

Plastic business cards also can be designed in many ways that you can’t do on the paper business cards. Best example will be the frosted business cards. The cards are semitransparent so the pictures and words will really stand out when the client look at it.

One more thing that plastic cards triumphs over paper cards is its durability. If your prospects keeps your business card in his wallet, there will be a chance that your cards will slowly be worn out and the client will not be able to read the wording anymore. Hard plastic business cards won’t have such problem and it will last longer than any paper card. You can spill water on it, sit on it, rub on it hard and the wordings on the hard plastic will still be clear enough to be read.

Some people might think that plastic business cards are not worth for the cost they carry. You should however look at another view. You might lose business opportunities because your business card is not striking enough or the cards gets worn out and become unreadable. It is better to pay that extra cost for the plastic cards rather than lose a business opportunity.

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