Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are unique and impressive.  They show that you are serious about your business and leave a positive first impression with potential clients.  These business cards are an investment, but a worthwhile investment in any business. 

Embossed metal business cards can be custom made with a name and contact information just like a traditional paper business card.  Any information that can be placed on a paper business card can be embossed in the metal.  Use your current business card design or design new custom metal business cards to show off the unique look and feel of metal.  Gold foil and raised engraving can not be copied, but any other part of a business card design can be put onto metal. 


Metal business cards can be made in nearly any shape.  Unlike with paper, part of the design can be cut out of metal to create a logo or image using both the positive and the negative parts of the cut out.  Metal cards can also be colored and are not limited to just the color of the metal.  They can be colored all over the card or the color can be used to create the image on the card. 

Custom metal business cards can also be engraved.  This allows for more detail than embossing.  Engraving also lets an image or logo be create using the subtle variation in the color of the metal from the engraving.  Cards can be cut out in a special shape and then engraved for completely custom metal business cards. 

While metal business cards look impressive and expensive, there are cheap metal business cards available.  The design of the card can change the price of the cards.  The more elaborate the design, the more expensive they will be.  Different metals can be used to create the cards and some metals are cheaper than others.
Metal Business Cards

When you want a business card that leaves a great impression upon a potential customer, hand out a metal card.  They are unique and look very impressive.  Paper cards can misplaced and thrown away; a metal business card will be kept and make it easier for your potential customers to find you again.

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