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Transparent Business Cards

Nifty Design Ideas for Great Transparent Business Cards

For sure you have already come across with several transparent business cards which appeared remarkable, right? Whenever you hear others talk, or even just mention it, what initially comes to mind is a totally see-through card, with nothing written on it, which is kind of ordinary right? However, in truth, if you get to put all your specifications onto the card like colors, information and copy, it will look absolutely professional! Another word which enters the mind whenever you see plastic transparent business cards is “modern”.

An innovative card design is downright important in some businesses these days. If you have boring, run-of-the-mill business cards in industries like for instance advertising, SEO, fashion, and social media, you are likely to end up in the dump together with your business card. This is not an ideal way to market your products and/or services, more especially with the vicious competition that you have to cope with nowadays, in any field of business.

Transparent sounds pretty much like it will be see-through and plain right? Well, not really! You have plenty of options with transparent cards due to the easiness of putting different shades and complex designs on them. You can have your transparent cards tinted in any color, any manner that you like and, furthermore, incorporate any shade to the actual style and design of the images and texts on it.

You can have your transparent cards made in several different sizes. Some companies that offer these cards can cut them in various shapes as well. This is great, more particularly if it happens that you have a unique and modern idea with regards to your niche. The most common size is, of course, the standard size which is utilized for many cards. However, you can always make your cards a lot smaller; have them in circular, triangular, flower shape, etc. instead of rectangular to make your cards more one-of-a-kind.

For those in dire need of an innovative card design, consider opting for a transparent one. With this, you can immediately begin wowing your colleagues, friends and prospects and even land new sales with it.

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Large Format Printing

Large Formant Printing – An Excellent Way to Convey Your Message

Large printing makes for a very beneficial way to showcase your business. Large format printing can come in several forms including banners, posters and even wall papers and all of these are useful in helping you promote your products and services. These are largely utilized in shops, meetings, tradeshows, showrooms as well as conventions.

The make of your large printing must be able to include all of the significant details regarding your company in a clear and simple way. With clear and simple information, people who get to see the print can easily remember your message concerning the services and/or products that you offer. Furthermore, with a quality design, you get to make a striking impression towards your prospective customer.

Banner: These are time-tested marketing tools and should you choose to employ such, you need to take into consideration a number of factors. For one, you need to decide where you are going to place your banner. Taking view of the location on where you will situate the banner will aid you in determining the typescript, graphics and size. Considering all these from the start will make your succeeding steps easier. For this, you can talk to your large format banner printing service provider. Consult with them regarding the shape and colors that will best suit your banner’s size.

Posters: These are also great for promoting your niche. With clear color and excellent design, your posters would look appealing and thus, draw the attention of a lot of prospects. In other words, many people will get encouraged to read whatever it is that you are trying to promote. To make your posters even more effective, consider writing the prime message you wish to convey, so readers can read as well as remember it easily. In addition to that, make use of large fonts so that it can easily be seen even from a long distance.

These are just some of the format printings that can help you in efficiently promoting your niche. With this marketing tactic, you can inform your consumers regarding your new products and/or services easily.

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Vinyl Banner Printing

Cheap Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners are a cost effective solution for adverising outdoors and indoors in large areas. The majority of cheap vinyl banners are produced on large format printers that are able to print full color promotional banners on a single piece of substrate.

By far, the most commonly used substrate is PVC, or heavy weight vinyl material. Weights on PVC banner material range from 22 ounces to 8 ounces per square yard. Typically the heavier the material, the longer you can expect your banner to last. Larger banners are usually made from a material that is a mesh. This material allows the air to flow through so as not to cause too much drag on the equipment that holds your banner in place. There are various banner stands that can accomodate windy conditions as well.

Most printed vinyl banners will last from 3-5 years. The lifespan of your banner will depend on the material used to print on and the type of printer that placed the graphics on your banner.

Some banners may be produced by applying individual cut letters and graphics. These vinyl graphics are automatically cut from a sheet of colored self adhesive vinyl and then stuck onto the banner itself. If your custom vinyl banner job requires one or two color graphics, this may be the option for your banner project.

Vinyl banners are used for a variety of applications. We have seen banners for trade shows,table tops, the sides of buildings, stadium graphics, grand opneing banners, and sale banners. The colorful and flexible naturte of the PVC banner makes it an ideal medium for advertising your product or message.

If your next project requires a digitally printed banner, you need to look no further for a large format printer. We have you covered. When we say cheap banner printing, we are refering to price, not quality. Our high quality banners are second to none.

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Unique Business Cards

Your image is a very important thing to consider when marketing your business. One of the first things your potential clients will see is your business card. Unique business cards are one way you can really stand out when you are trying to make an impression with your customers. The following are few different examples of cheap unique business card ideas.

Metal Business Cards - Everyone who sees these cards is blown away. The major detractor is there is no such thing as a cheap metal business card, they are pricey. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1 and $5 per card for these, depending on the type and quantity you order. While they may be expensive, they offer a wow factor that few others compare to. These can be made from copper, steel, titanium, or aluminum. They can be chemically etched, engraved, embossed, and tinted colors.  If leaving a great impression on your clients is important, you should consider ordering these types of cards.

Wood Business Cards -  Wooden business cards can really make an impression with your clients, especially if your business involves wood. These cards provide a truly unique way to represent your company and most are made using environmentally safe procedures. Aside from offering the unique tactile feel of natural wood, these cards also smell like wood. Researchers have found that a human remembers smells better than visual items, what a great way to leave an impression with your customers. These cards are usually printed on a wood veneer then laser etched to provide an awesome effect.

Die Cut Business Cards – Custom die cut business cards can take a normal paper card and make it a work of art. Die cutting is the process of using steel rules to cut a special shape out of the paper used. Some common shapes are rounded corners, circles, ovals, parrallelograms, and triangles. Circle business cards have gained popularity in the last few months due to the price of die cutting coming down. Aside from basic shapes, die cut business cards can be made into three dimensional shapes. These would be considered a form of origami business cards and are truly unique. Other options we have seen have been saw blades, pencils, boomerangs, and we have even produced a banana shaped business card.

Plastic Business Cards – These cards are durable and offer a great lasting impression to your prospects. Available in many thicknesses and color combinations, these are ideal for a business that requires a truly waterproof option for their calling cards. When ordering these cards we suggest making sure they have rounded corners as the edges of plastic can be really sharp if left at the typical 90 degree angle of your typical cards.

Cookie Business Cards – Business cards made from cookies are a relatively new product offering but we have received rave reviews from the people that order them. These are simply made from cookie dough and either engraved or frosted with your corporate details. The biggest issue with these cards is that your client may eat them, as they are after all made from a cookie.

CD Business Cards – These are a great option if you are a high tech company or have a large portfolio to share with your clients. These are business card sized mini data CD’s that are printed with your corporate information on the face and have whatever data you desire to share burned onto CD. The miniature CD’s can play in any computer with a standard CD / DVD drive. We are selling more of these every month.

These are just a few of the unique business card ideas that we offer here at If you are truly looking for a way to make an impression sometimes you just have to think outside the box. That is what makes your business card ideas truly unique.

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Brochure Printing Services

Brochure Printing Services:

Due to the fact that a brochure is a tool which markets a business or company along with its products and services to potential customers, the quality of the brochure’s prints is one of the most critical things to take into consideration. The texts must be clear and readable and its images need to be crisp and, as much as possible, in full color. For you to acquire high quality brochures, you will have to work hand in hand with a reliable company that offers the best, but cheap brochure printing services.

Nowadays, there are plenty of companies which offer great, yet cheap printing services for pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, brochures and other advertising merchandises. To locate the best service provider, there are basically two things you can actually do: browse online, or ask your colleagues and/or friends for any recommendations.

Choosing the right service provider can be rather tiring and if it happens that you have in your possession a very long list of printing company prospects, the pointers listed below can assist you in finding the apt one;

Determine what type of brochure printing is it that you need and taking into consideration your prospective companies, find out how you think they are going to address your wants and needs.
Establish your budget. It is ideal that you consider how much you are willing, or can spend when looking for a brochure printing company. Some sites give quotations, so you would be able to know immediately whether or not their charge or fee suits your budget.
Ask for samples.
Ask when they can begin as well as how long it will take them to finish your order. It is actually always best that you inquire about their completion time prior to confirming your contract with them.
Check the type of customer service the company has. You may need to communicate with the service provider constantly; hence, their customer service rep must always be willing to reply to your questions and needs.

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Envelope Printing

Envelope Printing –  Custom Envelopes

Envelopes play an integral role in company management as well as related activities. Their value when it comes to business communication is undeniable. In today’s cut-throat business world, envelopes are doing great as advertisement and commercial tools. They give long-enduring and efficient company-to-company communication. They can be utilized in many important purposes such as sending letters, greetings, invitations and/or storing essential company letters.

Envelopes are produced in many different sizes, designs and styles. They are ingenious and excellent marketing mediums that compel the receiver to open it up and check what is inside. Because of their corresponding disposition, more individuals are now starting to concentrate on them since they increase the readability aspect. You can opt for envelope printing in order to enhance the visibility of your business or company. Custom printed envelopes exploit and beautify the content, regardless if it is just a letter, document, business card, or other stuff.

Envelopes are marketing merchandises which are fast becoming common these days. As a matter of fact, many marketing analysts have observed that printing envelopes has now turned into a full-blast business. Your custom printed envelopes should be designed and styled in a manner wherein it reflects the message that you wish to convey to your customers, business partners as well as associates. Your business envelope must always include your business logo, along with the return address and should be printed in a very clear and readable format. Top notch paper stock must always be utilized for making envelops since this is a very essential factor. Your luxurious appearing business envelopes can easily draw the attention of prospective clients simply because of their striking appearance.

These days, there are a lot of cheap envelope printing companies online which can give you customized as well as personalized business envelopes that can conform to your particular corporate wants and needs. Why not browse for them now?

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Cheap Flyer Printing

Cheap Flyer Printing: An Efficient Way to Advertise

Cheap flyer printing is a very important component of your entire marketing tactic and heightens your company’s brand awareness within the market. More importantly, these can assist you in generating fast and massive sales. Flyer distribution is a time tested way of cost-effective advertising which has the capacity to create an immediate response as well as immediate increase in sales.

Many businesses and companies depend on the potency of flyer printing each year. More notably, unique and interesting flyers, when utilized properly, can draw the attention of customers and incite purchasing opinions and decisions.

While flyer distribution is a very powerful advertising tool for both small and big businesses, simple mistakes like meager image resolution for example, can kill the interest of customers almost immediately. Make your flyers interesting and appealing by picking only top quality product prints or images, short message concerning your products and services and go with just 1 or 2 fonts in order to help make your flyers appear neat and readable.

If you are to print your flyers yourself, but do not have any fitting template that you can use for design, you can look for good templates which are available through printing companies in your locale or online. Gather all of your ideas and then brainstorm your approach prior to transferring all of them into printed materials.

If you want to steer clear of all the trouble of having to print the flyers yourself, then you can always choose to avail of the services of flyer printing companies. There are many establishments both offline and online that offers cheap flyer printing services. As a tip, when deciding on which company to hire, look for one which comprises of an expert marketing team as well as exceptional customer service. Their proficiency and attention to even the smallest detail can become a true lifesaver, when it comes to printing huge quantities of flyers to receiving bulk order discounts.

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Business Card Holders

Different Types of Business Card Holders

If you frequent business networking affairs or events, then it is pretty safe to say that you most probably carry a huge stack of company cards with you. A lot of business people simply carry their cards inside their pockets that normally result in them giving out distorted and bent business cards. Well, this is definitely not an ideal way to make an impression.

It is due to this simple reason that any networker must choose to invest in ingenious [business card holders] or cases in order to store and, at the same time, keep their business cards in pristine condition. Here is a quick look at several different kinds of card holders or cases that you can choose from. Read on!

Leather Business Card Cases
These are considered top-notch card holders because of them being crafted from, or at the very least layered, with authentic leather. This provides you with a lush feel and because of the innate robustness of leather, they can last you a very long time.

Metal Business Card Holders
These are normally small as well as can carry fewer business cards as compared to other cases; however, they are nonetheless still rather striking! These are available in different types of metals from aluminum to chrome and these holders are very resilient and appear great. You can use metal card holders to store you luxurious plastic business cards, embossed business cards and so on.

Business Card Wallets
These are typically much bigger and they are designed to house many cards for presentation purposes. Card wallets, which are pretty similar in make to an actual photo album, provides an ideal place to store all of your business cards, together with all of the other company cards that you have gathered over the past couple of months, or even years, in a single place for quick reference.

Look Smart and Interesting with Metal Business Card Holders

Whenever you give out your company or business card, what you would naturally want is to give them to your clients in tiptop condition. It is not good handing out soiled and crumpled cards since this will negatively reflect on your company and can make you appear unreliable. In the very same light, whenever you receive business cards, you also want the person to see that you are giving importance to their business card, so they will reciprocate and do the exact same thing to your business card. Now, to pull this off, you will very much need business card holders.

You actually have plenty of choices in these card holders or cases these days. There are leather holders, plastic holders and metal holders. If you want a stylish holder which would easily make you appear interesting and smart to your clients, then it is highly advised that you go for metal business card holders.

Then again, why metal holders? There are a handful of advantages in using this kind of holder as compared to plastic or leather. One clear advantage is that metal is a very sturdy material. You can rest assure that your business cards will not get ruined while inside the case. It is waterproof as well; hence, there is no need for you to worry about your cards getting wet while inside your case. Metal can come in various designs as well that will definitely make your business cards appear very interesting.

However, prior to purchasing your very own metal business card case, make it certain that you get only the finest quality of metal available. For sure you do not want your case to easily break right? So, you must ensure that you buy only from a dependable dealer. It is a good idea to browse around, compare prices as well as quality, so you arrive with the best possible choice.

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Plastic Business Cards

Networking is an important aspect in any business because the more people you know, the more chance you have to land on a new business opportunity. That is why people keep handing out their business cards. Written on the business cards are usually your name, company, contact, specialty and even address – basic information that lets you tell everyone what they need to know in case they need to find you. A clever businessman always make sure that he carries his business cards with him at all times. The norm business cards are usually made out of paper but you can also get plastic business cards for yourself.

There are more things that you can do on a plastic business card than on a paper business card. You limit yourself when you use paper as the base material. Make it too thin and it won’t last long and you can only print things on it. At most you can ask them to hard press the printing so the letters appear to be 3D. However if you use plastic, you can order 3D plastic business cards straight away. Your clients will look at your card and the whole image can appear as 3D.

Plastic business cards also can be designed in many ways that you can’t do on the paper business cards. Best example will be the frosted business cards. The cards are semitransparent so the pictures and words will really stand out when the client look at it.

One more thing that plastic cards triumphs over paper cards is its durability. If your prospects keeps your business card in his wallet, there will be a chance that your cards will slowly be worn out and the client will not be able to read the wording anymore. Hard plastic business cards won’t have such problem and it will last longer than any paper card. You can spill water on it, sit on it, rub on it hard and the wordings on the hard plastic will still be clear enough to be read.

Some people might think that plastic business cards are not worth for the cost they carry. You should however look at another view. You might lose business opportunities because your business card is not striking enough or the cards gets worn out and become unreadable. It is better to pay that extra cost for the plastic cards rather than lose a business opportunity.

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